1青少年的Teenagers' 2百分比 percentage 3大多数most 4网上的network 5警告warning 6曾经used 7拜访visitting 8带走taked 9例子example 10建议advice 做的很认真的。 希望我的回答你能满意并采纳,谢谢!

1 A. resign 辞职 2 B. likely 可能 3 B. advance 4 D. underestimate 低估 5 B. density 6 A. grateful

30道初中英语词汇题 1. I’m not __________ to ( = I’m not very excited about) driving to work today. It’s raining and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of traffic. a) looking forward b) looking back c) looking 2. I always hit th...

1.fuels 2.to stay away from 3.invested 4.relevant 5.Unfortunately 6.to introduce 7.agrees 8.disappointed 9.inspired 10.Having reviewed


An ____degree was conferred on the distinguished economist. A honor “荣誉,头衔,信用” B honored “尊敬” C honorary “荣誉的,名誉的” D honorable “光荣的,可敬的” 通过对4个选项意思的翻译,很明显是选择C选项! 直译过来是: “一个名...

我觉得应该选A 因为是so that 结构

牛津上有列句:the police combed the area for clues 我的理解是comb是比较正式的搜查,而seek虽可以加for ,但表示比较平常的寻找,所以comb更贴切,谢谢

精读 1---4 的词汇量超过5000,若连同※的和☆的都计,接近5500;全六册词汇累计超过7000 那六本书很不错,要是真的扎实肯下,作为非英语专业,大学期间英语方面无需再看别的任何书籍。 与高中词汇有重复,少数!更多的是高中没有的词汇 泛读是课...

1. The rain was pouring down when they got outside the exhibition h____________. 2. In North China many women can make shoes by h_______________. 3. The beautiful girl wants to marry a h______________ young man. 4. ---What h___...

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