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The food made it possible for him to survive 那些食物使得他得以活下来 如不明白请追问,如果满意请采纳 手机提问者如果满意,请在客户端右上角评价点“满意”即可, 谢谢! 祝学习进步

make it possible for sb to do sth 使某人做某事成为可能 双语对照 例句: 1. Third: steve believed it was possible to do things that are impossible. 第三:乔布斯认为,任何不可能的事都可以去尝试。

make it+形容词+for sb.+to do sth造句 The volunteers cleared away the snow on the street to make it safe for people to walk on. 志愿者扫清了大街上的积雪,让人民走在上面更安全。


句式意为,为了某人做什么事怎么样!例句:1.It was really tired for him to carry the box. 2.It is hard for me to deal with the problem.

我等你帮忙 i wait for you to do me a favor

She guided me to finish the job yesterday afternoon. 昨天下午她指导我完成那项工作。

need sb to do sth可以造句: Need for you to get up early tomorrow. 你明天早晨必须早起。 make sb可以造句: We are making our bedroom so beautiful. 我们要把我们的卧室变得很漂亮。

volunteer to do sth 自愿做某事 Aunt Mary volunteered to clean up the kitchen. 玛丽姨妈主动要求打扫厨房。

让它(修饰it的形容词)去做这件事 注意adj是用来修饰it而不是sth,比如让它高兴地去做这件事

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