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用途 英文

the usage of...

这个产品用于什么用途 What are the applications of this product? What purpose does this product apply to ? What are the functions of this product?

两种写法 for....only not for other purposes

用处,用途 Use, use

用途与特点 [网络] USE AND CHARACTERISTICS; [例句]简述了单相串励电动机的用途、性能与结构特点。 A uses and characteristics of performance and structure to single-phase series excitation motor is presented in this paper.

有很多用途 There are a lot of use 有很多用途 There are a lot of use

这个产品用于什么用途 What is the use of this product

在汉语中,这句话是有歧义的。 1.询问用处:What's the usage of it? What does it used for? etc. 2.语气词,表明已经来不及。What use for reacting so late!

Electricity plays a very important role in our life today, we can not live without it. In our country, we have using it for about 50 years. But,we have to know,in the same time,a large part of it was wasted,it's polluted enviro...

The Internet is becoming more and more important in our daily life. On the net, we can learn news both at home and abroad and all kinds of other information as well. We can also send messages by e-mail, make phone calls, go to ...

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