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用途 英文

the usage of...

主要用途 [词典] [化] main application; [例句]这颗人造卫星主要用途是转播电视节目。 The satellite will be used mainly to relay television programmes

用处,用途 Use, use

两种写法 for....only not for other purposes

用途[yòng tú] [词典] use; purpose; application [例句] The report outlined possible uses for the new weapon. 该报告概述了这种新式武器的可能用途。

用途与特点 [网络] USE AND CHARACTERISTICS; [例句]简述了单相串励电动机的用途、性能与结构特点。 A uses and characteristics of performance and structure to single-phase series excitation motor is presented in this paper.

有很多用途 There are a lot of use 有很多用途 There are a lot of use

这个产品用于什么用途 What are the applications of this product? What purpose does this product apply to ? What are the functions of this product?

这个产品用于什么用途 What is the use of this product

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