这是我的职责不用谢Don't mention it,It's my responsibility.

不用谢,这是我的职责。怎么翻译,不用谢缩写是啥. my pleasure,sir, it' my duty! 不用谢没有固定的表达,所以也没有缩写形式. 看语境不同用不同的表达. 像 you're welcome. 普通关系的 像 that's ok. 陌生或普通的. 像 my pleasre. 可以是对客...

不客气(不用谢),这是我应该做的(这是我的工作),我应该做得更好 翻译:That's all right. That is my duty and I could make it better. 希望对你有帮助,望采纳,谢谢!

no thanks ,you are welcome ,not at all,it's pleasure。另外还有that's all right,外国人有时也喜欢说that's ok. 希望能帮到你(^_^)

不用谢,这是我应该做的英文翻译是 You're welcome. This is what I should do. 重点词汇 you're welcome 不用客气 扩展例句1、You're welcome. I'm glad we're finally finished. 不客气,很高兴我们总算完成了。 2、You're welcome. I wish I ...

谢谢:thanks;thank you;thank 不用谢:You are welcome. 没关系:It doesn't matter.;It's nothing.;That's all right.;never mind 不客气:You are welcome.;Don't mention it.;be hard on 扩展资料 英语口语常用问句: 1. How are you...


You're welcome!这是比较正式的说法,用于正式的交际 Not at all或者 That's OK!也都可以,但都不是正式的,一般口语和人聊天可以用这个! 常见: 1、You're welcome . 2、Not at all . 3、It is a pleasure. 4、My pleasure. 5、At your service .

不用谢的英文是:You're welcome welcome音标:英 [ˈwelkəm]、美 [ˈwɛlkəm] welcome释义: 1、vt.欢迎;乐于接受 We would welcome your views about the survey. 我们欢迎你就这项调查发表意见。 2、adj.受欢迎的;令人...

Facing the sun shining, being peaches and plums smelling fragrant, we live in Class11, growing together. Ah ,Class11 is a big family, with harmony 、freedom of thought, we have the norms of behavior , not afraid of hardship, be...

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