中华人民共和国主席/副主席 President/Vice President, the People’s Republic of China 全国人大委员长/副委员长 Chairman/Vice Chairman, National People’s Congress 秘书长 Secretary-General 主任委员 Chairman 委员 Member (地方人大)主...

Queshan County People's Government of the CPC Committee of Letters and Calls Bureau and the county used Zhumadian county used 119 Jiefang Road

政府单位 government entity; Government; gov; [例句]人口普查局依法不得与任何其他政府单位或执法单位分享问卷答案的内容。 By law, the Census Bureau cannot share respondents'answers with any other government or law enforcement agency.

工程技术部 :Project Technical Department 品管部 :Quality Control Department 生产部 :Product Department 营销部 :Sales Department 行政部 :Administrative Department 采购部:Purchase Department 文控中心 :Document Control Cent...

科员: section member 科长:section chief (manager) 副科长:deputy section chief

政府部门 [管理] government sector更多释义>> [网络短语] 政府部门 GOV;government departments;DCLG 韩国政府部门 Ministries of South Korea;Cabinet of South Korea 政府部门计划 Ministerial Programme

http://www.gov.cn/ 中华人民共和国中央人民政府 网站上是这么写的 The Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China

事业单位普通员工的英文职位 staff member staff member[英][stɑ:f ˈmembə][美][stæf ˈmɛmbɚ] 职员; 英文解释为an employee who is a member of a staff of workers (especially a member of the staff that work...

政府部门的:vice minister 企业部门的:vice director

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