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Oh, that's my pencil.的中文翻译

很高兴为你解答: Oh, that's my pencil.的中文翻译 哦,那是我的铅笔 pencil 铅笔 good luck!



铅笔的意思。 音标: 英:[ˈpɛns(ə)l] 美:[ˈpɛnsəl] 词性: n.铅笔。 v.用铅笔写。 短语动词: make a provisional or tentative arrangement with or for someone 与…安排;为…安排 例句: he was pencilled in...

Touch, of course, is the primary method of selection of ipad. To enhance the possible of multi-touch and allow the new lever of precision with new ipad pro, we designed apple pencil. This began by reengineering the touch substa...

show me your pencilbox 让我看看你的铅笔盒 双语例句 1 Please show me your ID card. it's just a formality. 请出示证件,这是例行公事。 2 Show me your identity card instead of shooting at my foot, you ape. 把你的身份证拿出来看看,...

pencil 英[ˈpensl] 美[ˈpɛnsəl] n. 铅笔,彩色铅笔; 笔状物; 画风,画法; [物] 光线锥; vt. 用铅笔写; 用画笔画; [例句]I found a pencil and some blank paper in her desk 我在她的桌子里找到一支铅笔和几张白纸。 [其他]...

那是你的铅笔吗? 学习是一件愉快的事! (*^__^*) 请及时采纳,多谢!

Where's the pencil ? 铅笔在哪里?

原歌词: 《How Much》歌词 - Twins 歌手:Twins 歌名:How Much 制作: 有多少是在窗口的铅笔 A dollar is all it will be 一美元就行了 A pencil is missing from my school bag 铅笔是我的书包失踪 A pencil is oil thnt [ need 铅笔是油thnt...

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