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Oh, that's my pencil.的中文翻译

很高兴为你解答: Oh, that's my pencil.的中文翻译 哦,那是我的铅笔 pencil 铅笔 good luck!


什么colou rismy铅笔

pencil英['pensl] 美[ˈpɛnsəl] n.铅笔,彩色铅笔;笔状物;画风,画法;[物]光线锥 vt.用铅笔写;用画笔画 第三人称单数:pencils;过去分词:penciled,pencilled;名词复数:penc... [例句]Forget growth marks scratched in pencil on t...

My pencilbox i have a good friend. her name is pencil-box. she is a very beautiful girl. look! there is a picture on her face. it’s a picture of flowers. her coat is blue and yellow. there are some pencils, a pen, a ruler, a ru...

Where's the pencil ? 铅笔在哪里?

pencil 英[ˈpensl] 美[ˈpɛnsəl] n. 铅笔,彩色铅笔; 笔状物; 画风,画法; [物] 光线锥; vt. 用铅笔写; 用画笔画; [例句]I found a pencil and some blank paper in her desk 我在她的桌子里找到一支铅笔和几张白纸。 [其他]...

Touch, of course, is the primary method of selection of ipad. To enhance the possible of multi-touch and allow the new lever of precision with new ipad pro, we designed apple pencil. This began by reengineering the touch substa...

pencil box 翻译成中文是:铅笔盒 pencil box [词典] 铅笔盒; [例句]Your pencil box has several compartments. 你的铅笔盒有好几个格。

眉笔 eyebrow是连起来的一个单词,眉毛的意思 pencil是笔的意思

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