Have beenHave visitedHave beeing travelingdidn't haveHad been saving

1.a.find主将从现2.b.we'll be flying将来进行时 表示在将来某个时间正在发生的动作3.b.I'll do有我愿意做的含义4.d.eat主将从现5.b.is having现在进行时 表将来

has been fallinghave closedhave been workinghas beenhad learned


2 2 think 用一般现在时就好了,没必要用将来时3 因为2 和 4 都是一般将来时,23

1 2 包+s表示复数2 a man in red hat,a woman in red3 1 a表示一天,就是说每天都是,the 特指今天.4 前复后单, a pair 说明一件5 3, 只有3是单数,其他复数6 她一点也不喜欢绿色, a little一点点喜欢7 2,回答那是什么, 不是那儿有个什么.8 2

1 manufacturer 2 operates 3 expansion 4 be competitive 5 preparation 6 launch1 who 2 where 3 that 4 where 5 who 6 which

1.I saw the train( A )the station.A. come into B.to come into C.came into D.to came into2.The first thing I want to do is( B )A.visit to him B.to eat C.ate D.eat3.

第一句应该没问题.charge only 1200 yuan per yearyour personal broadband networkunimpeded communication all over the world希望采纳.

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