Fri.,Feb. 5 Rainy In my dream Last night ,

Today I went for a outing with my friends. We met

我每天早上6:40出门,步行到学校,早上新鲜的空气让我感觉精力充沛。 7:00开始上课。我学习英语

望采纳,谢谢。 :-)

第一篇 Beautiful Sky 美丽的天空 The star in the sky were

In summer vacation, I came to the swimming pool to

1 Dogs People often saythat a dog is man's

Everyone has a hero.Do you know my hero?My hero is

Unit One Do you have a pen pal? 学会给自己的笔友写信或征

After breakfast ,I study in my room,I have some di

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