Faded 是这个么

Everybody hurts - Avril Lavigne Don't know 我不知道 Don't know if I can do this on my own 不知道,我是否可以一个人独处 Why do you have to leave me 为什么你非要离我而去 It seems that I'm losing something deep inside of me 似乎我心底的某

Walk away?

alyssa reid - without you i don't wanna go baby i don't wanna go i've cried' i've tried i came out the otherside i don't wanna go baby i don't wanna go i've cried' i've tried how can you see me this way?and then the music plays what will be left to say?i

naturally selena gomez的……应该是了……长得可爱,节奏也不慢

Watch Me Rise - Mikky EkkoWhen it's cold out when the night is stillAnd you're standing aloneI'll be racing when the lights go outAnd you're losing controlOh higher higher higher we goAnd tell me tell me are we close enough to test the sunThe sunOh

remind you - christopher you take my breath away with your naked body and i'm not the only one yeah, everyone thinks you're stunning it's the way that you smile when you look at the crowd,i can tell that you don't know that you're beautiful and you're

Let It Roll - Flo Rida Love is nice when it's understood当你懂得爱的时候 就知道爱的美妙 Even nicer when it makes you feel good它会比你感觉到的还要美好 You got me tripping why our love is old你让我不停思考为什么我们的爱已不再新鲜

1.《circus》《toxic》《3》布兰妮经典舞曲2.《bye bye bye》、《beep》3.《don't push me》4.《tik tok》5.《bounce》6.《where is the love》7.《party rock》8.《floorfiller》9.《it's my life》10.《boom boom pow》11.《hey Juliet》(奥林巴斯广告的主题曲)12.《what you looking at》都是挺火的舞曲.

这是一首德国歌曲,节奏欢快,声音很像女童声,而且带有电音,高潮部分的歌词不是day day day day day day,而是Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay jay,歌曲名叫做chenparty

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