Idol in my heart is the famous hero pavel korchagin, he is classic \"how the steel was tempered into\" hero, this book to Paul's life as the main line, tells the story of a excellent party member deeds, this book can be immortal, can last long, is

My Idol Everybody has an idol in their heart, and some change their idol with the age changing. The public pays more attention to the amusement circle, but for me, I am more favored of the athletes, because I am so admire of their strong will and

My idol As the old saying goes: An idol is an example to advise you what should do and what should not do. Everyone has his/her idol. Who is your idol? Your parents, famous people or a movie star?My idol is my father who is not only an excellent

It is bad to us to go after famous stars.追星是有害的 First it is a waste of time,you spend your youth time to collect star's pictures so that you have no time to do you homework or study.首先,追求偶像很浪费时间,你会花费你的青春年华去收集明星

My IdolMy idol is Wu Yifan. He is a Chinese. He is 25 years old. He has a pair of beautiful gemstone-looking eyes and black hair. He is 1.87 meter tall. He likes playing basketball and RAP. He is a good man. He is hard-working, effort , gentle and

my idol is leehom wang(王力宏).he is a talent singer.he can play many instrument.for example,he can play the piano,the violin,the guitar and so on. also,his songs are very good!such as "forever love","only one","mary says","the small

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