六点半我必须到学校 I have to go to school at half past six. 六点半我必须到学校 I have to go to school at half past six.

To表示差多少到几点用于大于三十分钟的情况例如六点四十五是差十五分到七点可以表达:fifteen to seven或者十五分又是可以表达a quarter,又有a quarter to seven• Past表示过几分三十分钟之内的。六点二十 Twenty past six点过二十分。 ...

I get up at 6:30 every day 1. Are you able to see anything? 2. When will the train be there? 3, Today is the National Day. 4. Is everybody here? 5. My Mom has been busy these days. 6. You never go to see a doctor, do you? Yes, ...


Half past six p.m. I will be waiting for you at the park entrance, do not be late Oh

1.The Bible should be returned to library before this weekend. 2.This old armchair will be replaced by a sofa next week. 3.Don't worry,you have enough time to send the fax to your company. 4.The decision you made that you want ...

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