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说明adopt 的用法,相关短语,并附例句

adopt: [ ə'dɔpt ] v. 采用,收养,接受 例句与用法: 1. As they had no children of their own, they adopted an orphan. 他们没有亲生儿女,就收养了一个孤儿。 2. She has been adopted as Labour candidate for York. 她被提名为约...

首先应该是adopt 【our】 suggestions 而不是 adopt 【we】 suggestions 这里并列的是⑴trust us totally ⑵adopt we suggestions and ⑶do right judgment and choices 因为make sb do sth是省略了to的不定式形式,其后面的不定式可以并列。如果这...

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